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Scarlet Corydalis

Alexandrite Gemstone Crown Figured Ear-rings

Alexandrite Gemstone Crown Figured Ear-rings

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These exquisite earrings are a true masterpiece of craftsmanship, with a unique and intricate design that showcases the delicate beauty of Filigree art. Made from high-quality 925 sterling silver, they are carefully handcrafted to create a stunning queen's crown design that is sure to turn heads.

The earrings length is 1.40" and the width is 0.50"

Alexandrite gemstone is double side faceted rose cut and 10x14 mm oval shape 

Oxidized and highly polished

Alexandrite is a rare and highly prized gemstone that changes color from green to red under different lighting conditions. It is believed to promote spiritual transformation, intuition, and self-awareness.


   Filigree is made of delicate metal strands that have been skillfully fashioned to create an outstanding combination of old and modern art. Look and feel the way your best self would with these gorgeous earrings! Enjoy!

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